Carpet Cleaning FAQ’s

1. How long does the carpet cleaning process take?
- It depends on how big the job is, but on average we can clean 400-600 sq.f of carpet an hour.

2. How long does it take for the carpets to dry?
- Usually 6-8h, but we can speed up the drying process with our carpet blowers.

3. Are the carpet cleaning solutions safe for my pets and kids?
-Absolutely YES, all of our cleaning solutions are pet and child safe!

Carpet Cleaning St. Charles IL

Conella Carpet and Air Duct Cleaners has been in business for years. We have been servicing customers in St. Charles and surrounding neighborhoods. All of our technicians are certified in more then one field (carpet/ upholstery/ water damage/ air duct cleaning) We are very flexible with our appointments, we have four crews that work from 8am to 6pm Mon-Sat. If you need a free estimate give us a call 630-359-5369

Area Rug Cleaning – St. Charles IL

Did you know that we also clean area rugs? We can clean any type of rug:
- Oriental
- Wool
- Persian
- Hand made
- Machine made
- Shag
any kind you can think of…

We have two ways of cleaning the rugs. One is that we can clean it at our customers house. Our we can take in into our plant and do a complete cleaning where we clean both sides of the rug and we also dry the rugs in our drying room. The turnaround process takes about 7-10 days. Please call us for more info 630-359-5369

Did you ever clean your air ducts?

At Conella in St. Charles we not only clean carpets, but also specialize in Air Duct Cleaning. We recommend our customers to clean their air duct at least once every 2/3 years. More frequent service is recommended for houses that undergo construction.

If you are new to air duct cleaning call us 630-359-5369 and we will be happy to answer all of your questions.

Make sure to check out our website for coupons: 

When was the last time you cleaned your ducts?

The NADCA association recommends regular duct cleaning every two to three years. More frequent cleaning is required if you have:
-water damage restoration
-any remodeling
-medical condition

If you are not sure if your ducts need cleaning call Conella, we offer free inspections and estimates. Our phone number is 630-359-5369

Drapery cleaning

Did you know that at Conella we clean drapes? We specialize in fine fabric cleaning, we clean the following:
- drapes
- curtains
- panels
- valances
- sheers
and more…

We offer both on site and pick up and delivery methods, call us to schedule your estimate and find out more about our prices 630-359-5369

Did you know we clean area rugs?

Conella has been cleaning area rugs for years now. We can clean all types of rugs: cheaper machine made rugs or those handmade Persian rugs. We have two ways we can clean the rugs. We can either clean the rugs at our customer’s house or we can pick it up, clean it and deliver it at later time (Pick-up and delivery is free). Aside from cleaning area rugs we also sell the best in the market “Dura-Hold Plus” area rug padding at a very reasonable price. We have entire rolls of padding; we can cut them to any specific size.

Call us now 630-359-5369 and have Conella clean your area rugs! Don’t forget to ask about area rug padding.