Winter wont stop us!

We are open all year long, don’t matter what the weather conditions are we stay open! We can still perform all our our services, we have both outdoor and indoor machines when it comes to air duct cleaning. For any rugs that are being picked up, we have a heated warehouse, so drying is not a problem. Our water damage restoration team is also ready 24/7 when it comes to pipe bursts. Give us a call!

Own a business and need a carpet cleaning service?

You have found the right place. We specialize in residential as well as commercial carpet cleaning services. We offer special pricing for our commercial clients depending on the size of the job! You got it the bigger the job the lower the price per sq/f. We have truck mounted steam cleaning equipment and portable machines for those hard to reach places. For our commercial clients we extend our hours of operation and can work weekends and nights. Please call us and schedule your free estimate.

Carpet Drying Times?

A typical question that most of our clients ask is “how long would it take for the carpets to dry?”

- On average it takes sometime between 5-8 hours depending on the temperature and humidity outside/inside. We can always speed up the drying process with our blowers. Using special carpet blower we can decrease the drying time to 2-3 hours Carpet Drying St Charles IL